Metal Roof Repair Longmont, Colorado


As a facility manager or director of a commercial property you understand the importance of properly maintaining your asset. When your roof is in order you are able to focus your energy on more important matters such as running your business. The Kool Kote metal roofing repair team will make sure that your commercial asset is correctly evaluated to properly address any areas that need to be repaired.

Our metal roof repair services are provided for Longmont, Colorado and all surrounding towns and communities. We believe in two things:

  1. Quality commercial roofing services
  2. Exceeding customer expectations

This is what our company was founded on and what we strive to provide with every metal roof repair project we take on. To learn about the many ways our team can improve your roofing system, call today at (720) 375-4682. We look forward to hearing from you!

Commercial Roofing Success


Employing a certified commercial roofing contractor that has the experience and ability to assist you in maintaining your roof is the first step in avoiding unnecessary expenses and inconveniences. There are four factors that play an important role in your roofs success:

  • Proper Design: Typically commercial roofs are flat, but there are some that have pitched roofs or low-slope roofs. Factoring in the large square footage and proper drainage is the first step in designing your commercial roof. Roof vents and the additional weight of air conditioning equipment (if stored on the roof) need to be taken into consideration as well.
  • High Quality Materials: Kool Kote Roofing only uses the highest quality of materials to better ensure the long-lasting success of your roof. We use not only the best materials, but that the right roofing type is being used for your specific building.
  • Installation: What good is a new roof if it is not suitably installed? Not a whole lot! This is why our team of installers are specially trained to ensure that all commercial roofs are properly installed with a project manager on site. Quality control is one of our highest concerns.
  • Upkeep: All commercial roofs require maintenance, some more than others. Our job is not over once your roof has been installed or repaired. Quite the opposite. We have programs in place to ensure that your asset is routinely inspected for damage and that provided maintenance is performed on time to ensure the longest life possible for your roof.

For a family owned and operated commercial roofing contractor, that you know and trust, call Kool Kote Roofing today. We will gladly assess your commercial roof to determine necessary repairs.

If you have a property in Longmont, Colorado in need of quality metal roof repairs, reach out to us today at (720) 375-4682. Let us show you why we are leading the commercial roofing industry in Colorado.