Roof Coating Greeley, CO


If you’re afraid your commercial roof may need replacement, don’t panic until you’ve talked to the professionals at Kool Kote Roofing. With a high-quality roof coating system, we may be able to revitalize your old roof, solve any existing roof problems and add years to your roof’s life—all at a fraction of the cost and with much less work and time than a full roof replacement demands.

We offer topnotch roofing services in the greater Denver area, including Greeley, CO, and its environs. Before you let roofing anxieties crowd in, contact Kool Kote Roofing for a free professional roof assessment. One of our professional technicians will come to your location, thoroughly inspect your roof and pinpoint any existing or developing problems along with the best options for addressing them. Call us at (720) 375-4682 today!

The Life-Giving Roof Coating Option

Why replace your roof if there is a better option available? That is the philosophy of the pros at Kool Kote Roofing. Industry studies show that roofs are replaced prematurely as much as 70-80 percent of the time—which means that in 70-80 percent of cases, another solution could have addressed the problems.

Roof replacement is very expensive and requires a great deal of labor and time—which is why we only advise replacement if it is truly the only option available to a building owner. When there is another, less costly and more viable option, that is what we will advise our valued clients to choose.

A roof coating can restore an existing commercial roof to like-new condition and add years to its life. Going this route has other inherent benefits, too, including:

  • Roof coating forms a seamless, waterproof barrier over an existing roof.
  • Roof coating does not require roof tear off or associated landfill fees.
  • Roof coating can withstand Mother Nature’s worst, including hurricane-force winds, UV damage, hail, rain and more.
  • Roof coating materials we use are ENERGY STAR® certified.
  • A roof coating can save you as much as 30 percent in annual utility costs.
  • Roof coating systems require less maintenance.
  • Roof coating strengthens a building’s structure.
  • The roof coating products we use include non-prorated warranty options extending up to 18 years.

An Honest Estimate

A roof coating may be an ideal, cost-effective option for addressing your roofing problems—so what are you waiting for? Call the team at Kool Kote Roofing today, (720) 375-4682, to schedule a free roofing estimate. We will assess all of your roof’s problem areas and its current condition and let you know if a high-quality roof coating is a good option for you!