Roof Coating Windsor, CO


When your commercial roof begins showing signs of serious problems, it can be easy to panic and start seeing big dollar signs and the words “roof replacement” looming before you as big as life. But did you know that a roof coating system can restore your existing roof to like-new condition and add years to its life—no roof tear-off or replacement needed?

Not every roof is a good candidate for a roof coating, but many are, and the experts at Kool Kote Roofing can let you know if a coating system can solve your roofing problems. If your commercial or industrial building is located in the Windsor, CO, area, give Kool Kote Roofing a call today at (720) 375-4682 to schedule a free, no-obligation roof survey and estimate. One of our expert technicians will visit your facility, thoroughly inspect your roof and let you know if a roof coating is a good option for your building.

A Prime Solution

Did you know that, statistically speaking, roofs are replaced prematurely in up to 80 percent of cases? So, whether the reason for early replacement was a building owner neglecting to maintain the roof or a roofer advising replacement when it wasn’t necessary, that is a statistic Kool Kote Roofing never wants our clients to fall victim to.

In addition to having roof inspections and maintenance regularly and properly performed, you can help your roof reach its life expectancy and even live beyond it with a high-quality roof coating.

The benefits of roof coating systems are many and varied and include:

  • ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Forms a seamless, waterproof barrier atop your old roof
  • Able to withstand Mother Nature’s harshest assaults, including hurricane-force winds!
  • Significantly less expensive than roof replacement
  • Addresses an existing roof’s problems
  • Extends the life of your roof without the expense and labor of a tear-off and replacement
  • Can save you up to 30 percent in yearly utility costs
  • Low-maintenance roofing solution
  • Strengthens overall building structure
  • Non-prorated warranty options that extend up to 18 years

The Top Team Is Here for You!

If your roof has developed problems, let Kool Kote Roofing come to the rescue with its artillery of lasting solutions, including restorative roof coating systems. Give is a call today at (720) 375-4682!