Roof Inspection Fort Collins, CO

Did you know most roofing warranties require regular roof inspections? Not only does your warranty likely mandate it, but roof inspections are important for keeping tabs on the condition of your roof and quickly addressing any problems that crop up before they snowball into big issues. Your body gets a regular checkup—don’t forget that your roof needs them, too!

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How Frequently Should My Roof Be Inspected?


A commercial or industrial roof should be inspected at least twice a year—once just before the beginning of the season with the worst weather in your area and once again after that season ends.

In an area like ours where there is a great deal of snowfall in the winter, your roof should be inspected just before winter sets in and then again when spring peeps forth. Your roof should also be inspected for any damage after there has been a significant event, like a severe storm or an earthquake.

Pre- and post-season inspections are important for a few reasons. One, before the harshest weather of the year sets in, a professional roofing contractor can identify areas of weakness on your roof and reinforce them. This helps prevent damage from storms, cold and other seasonal influences.


These inspections are also vital if you have a warranty—not just because your warranty terms probably require regular inspections, but also because having documented evidence of your roof’s condition is vital when you need to file an insurance claim. If a winter storm damages your roof, for instance, an insurance company can claim the damage was preexisting and refuse to pay out. If a roofing company inspected your roof and documented its condition prior to the advent of winter, however, that is solid proof that the damage was not preexisting but did, in fact, occur due to the storm.

Inspections are also necessary to maintain the health and longevity of your roof. Small roofing problems can usually be addressed quickly and inexpensively if detected early—but if left unaddressed, those little problems can explode into big ones. A roof inspection will typically reveal such problems so they can be fixed while they’re still small and inexpensive to address.

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