Roof Inspection Loveland, Colorado


Summer is right around the corner folks! We decided to take this opportunity to provide our clients with a few tips to keep their roofing systems performing at their best. Routine roof inspections and scheduled maintenance are the first steps to guaranteeing your roofs long-standing success. Mother nature sure can put it to your roof so let the Kool Kote Roofing team help to combat whatever she throws at your property.

To keep your Loveland, Colorado commercial or industrial roofing system at its best, contact Kool Kote Roofing today at (877) 406-7663. We’ll schedule an appointment at a time convenient for you to perform an all-points roof inspection.

Roof Maintenance Guidelines

As a commercial property owner, we are sure you understand that there are a great number of things that contribute to the wellbeing of your roof. Taking a proactive approach to repairs and regular maintenance is the best way to keep your roof at its best. A few ways to keep ahead of roofing issues are:

Don’t delay minor repairs and maintenance: Roofing troubles will not go away on their own. They take a skilled and experienced commercial roofing contractor to provide the necessary repairs to ensure they will no longer threaten your roofing system.


Detailed roof inspection to catch even the smallest damage: Industry studies show that commercial and industrial roofs greatly benefit biannual roof inspections. A roof inspection allows our team to catch any roofing issues before they become large problems down the road.

Clean and clear gutters ensure proper drainage: Standing water on your roof can be detrimental because of the additional weight it adds to your roof and can also damage your entire roofing system. Keeping gutters clear allows water to flow off of your roof as it should.

Ensuring proper and undamaged roof vent and skylight seals: Ensuring that seals around roof vents, skylights or any point of penetration on your roof have not been damaged is key. These points of penetration are very susceptible to leaks.

Less foot traffic lowers the chance of damage: Is that a frisbee on my roof? If you notice small debris that is easily removed, feel free to take care of that on your own. However, if you see a tree limb or something large, call Kool Kote Roofing to remove it. Limiting foot traffic on your roof can greatly lessen the need for repairs in the future.

Let the Kool Kote Roofing team provide regular roof inspection services for your property. We are in the business of saving your money and providing peace of mind to all our Loveland, Colorado clients. Call for a no-obligation roof inspection today at (877) 406-7663.