Roof Inspection Windsor, CO


It goes without saying that roof inspections are important—but as a building owner, do you know just how important they really are?

Many commercial and industrial building owners let way too much time pass between roof inspections or even, unthinkably, don’t have them done at all. Neglecting to have inspections and maintenance regularly performed will spell disaster for any roof—and if you’ve ever paid for a roof replacement, you know just what a huge expense and investment it is.

Within the roofing industry, an alarming statistic tells us that roofs are prematurely replaced between 70-80 percent of the time. When you consider the cost, labor and business disruption involved with a roof replacement, that’s a staggering number of instances in which roofs are replaced years before their time. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and regular roof inspections and follow-up maintenance can save you thousands of dollars and help your roof last the number of years it was meant to last.

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Why Inspections Matter


It is fairly obvious that a primary aim of roof inspections is to proactively catch problems at their early stages, so they can be identified and repaired before they snowball into bigger and more expensive issues. That is certainly is a key benefit to having your roof regularly inspected—but the importance of routine inspections goes beyond that.

To begin with, most roof warranties stipulate that your roof must be regularly inspected and maintained by a professional roofing contractor. Failure to do this could lead to your warranty being voided.

The detailed documentation kept by a roofing company when performing inspections can also be a major help if you ever need to file an insurance claim to have your roof repaired or replaced. One of the most commonly cited reasons for an insurance claim to be denied is “preexisting damage.” If an insurance company can reasonably establish that your roof was already damaged before a major storm or other catalyst assaulted it, you may find yourself paying out of pocket to have the damages addressed—even if your claim was 100 percent legitimate. If, however, your roof is being inspected and its condition documented at least twice a year (the recommended minimum number of times your roof should be inspected), then it is much easier to show conclusively that the damage to your roof was not preexisting and should be covered under your insurance policy.

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