Rubber Roof Repair Fort Collins, CO


Does your commercial or industrial building have a rubber roof? Ethylene propylene diene monomer roofs, also known as EPDM or rubber roofs, are known for their sturdiness. However, even a robust rubber roof will eventually sustain damage and need the attention of a professional roofing contractor. When that day comes and you find yourself in need of rubber roof repair, you can rely on the experts at Kool Kote Roofing for top-quality service using the very best products.

If your business is located in the Fort Collins, CO, area, give Kool Kote Roofing a call today, (720) 375-4682, to schedule a free, no-obligation roofing assessment. We will send one of our knowledgeable technicians to your location to thoroughly inspect your roof, assess its condition, pinpoint any problems and offer the best options for repairing them.

Warning Signs


Various signs can point to rubber roof trouble, including tears, blistering, ponding water, bubbles, cracks and, of course, leaks. Any one of these problem indicators should be promptly attended to by a professional roofing technician.

Like any kind of roof, a rubber roof requires proper maintenance. With regular inspections and prompt repairs when small problems arise, your roof will last the number of years it was meant to last. However, neglecting the little issues will most definitely lead to larger—and more expensive—ones.

If you’re seeing signs of roof damage or if it’s simply time for your biannual inspection, give Kool Kote Roofing a call today at (720) 375-4682.

The Rubber Roof Repair Process

When your building is in need of rubber roof repairs, this is the process we’ll follow to address the problems:

  • Inspection: We will first thoroughly inspect the type and condition of flashings on your roof. This is important, as incorrect or damaged flashings can lead to roof system failure.
  • Search for ponding water: Ponding water, or standing water that collects on a roof, makes the roof extremely vulnerable to leaking, and it adds weight to the roof, as well.
  • Eliminate debris and vegetation: If debris and vegetation are present on your roof, this can impair the roofing membrane and create an entry point for water and moisture to get in.
  • Locate wrinkles: Wrinkles in a rubber roof can also provide an entry point for water and debris, allowing them to get beneath the membrane. Wrinkles near seams are especially problematic.
  • Create a custom repair plan: We will create a customized repair plan to meet your needs, fit your budget and address all of your rubber roof’s existing problems.

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