Rubber Roof Repair Longmont, Colorado


Certain rubber roof repairs may seem like simple fixes that you or your building maintenance crew could handle. In order to protect any applicable warranties, it is in your best interest to have a certified commercial roofing contractor provide necessary repairs. This is the best way to ensure repairs are provided correctly and to prevent further damages.

At Kook Kote Roofing, our highest priority is to ensure your roof reaches its projected life expectancy. We aim to provide long-lasting rubber roofing repairs for all of Longmont, Colorado and the surrounding communities to make this happen. For a first-hand look at what true customer service is, call our office today at (720) 375-4682.

Why Trust a Professional?


Peace of mind truly does go a long way when you are a property owner. As a licensed and certified commercial roofing contractor, peace of mind is exactly what we provide. With our all-encompassing rubber roof repairs and routine maintenance programs, your commercial rubber roof is in the best hands possible.

A few additional reasons why a professional rubber roofing repair company should be your “go-to” when leaks appear are:

  1. Material quality – Not all materials are created equal! When you rely on Kool Kote Roofing to treat your commercial asset you have access to the highest quality of roofing materials on the market. This is just another way we provide the best for our clients.
  2. Follow through – Our commercial roofing services are always provided in a timely manner and we stand behind our work 100%. Once repairs are performed our team will follow-up accordingly to ensure you are satisfied with the work we provided.
  3. Cost cutting – You save money by knowing that provided repairs are done correctly and will not need to be “re-done” due to inadequate work. Our experts are able to treat leaks at their source to prevent further or future damages.
  4. Product and labor warranties – Warranties are provided by professional commercial roofing contractors for labor and products. In the event that a repair was not up to par whether it was due to contractor error or material failure you have the backing to make sure you are not stuck in a financial bind by having to pay for the same repair twice.

A commercial roof is a large investment and together we can make sure you get the most out of it. Rubber roofing repairs is just a small portion of what our company offers. To learn more about the many premium commercial roofing services or team provides Longmont, Colorado call us today at (720) 375-4682.

When quality and customer service matter to you, Kool Kote Roofing can help. Our service area includes Longmont, Colorado and all surrounding communities. We hope to hear from you if your rubber roof requires the attention of a professional repair company, if we don’t we’ll just assume your roof is in perfect condition!